Just Do It

Just Do It

Penn State Altoona's "Just Do It!" committee gets things done! You know those little things that are often overlooked, taken for granted, or assumed to be taken care of by someone else? Yup, that someone else is us!

Penn State Altoona first became involved with the formal Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) team in 1992. Many CQI projects required a great deal of study and time, but CQI Steering Team member Joe Reasy thought that some issues could actually be addressed more quickly. So, the "Just Do It!" committee was born. The committee collects simple ideas from faculty, staff, students, or community members that improve the quality of our campus' teaching and learning, student life, campus-community interactions, or even the overall campus environment. If those ideas don't require a lot of study, we can recommend action to our sponsor, Chancellor Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry. If she approves of our recommendation, she gives the order to "Just Do It!." Committee members then work with the appropriate people to handle implementation of the ideas.

Some of the past successes of the "Just do It!" committee include:

  • Converting a paper directory to one available via the web
  • Placing clocks & pencil sharpeners in all classrooms and two-way light switches in some classrooms
  • Posting signs outside of faculty offices indicating professors' names and titles
  • Locating a campus phone in the library for students
  • Installing speed bumps and improving parking
  • Reducing paperwork and changing the timing of students' bills
  • Improving cleanliness of recreational area changing stations and adding shelves in bathrooms
  • Installing safety carpet in hallways and handicap accessible door entrances
  • New trash and recycling bins in the Smith lobby
  • Ordered a new supply of tables for use around campus
  • Arranged for new signage around campus
  • Implemented use of yellow crosswalk signs at the downtown campus
  • Got hooks installed in each bathroom stall around campus

What's your idea?
The CQI Just Do It team welcomes your ideas to improve our college community. Please use one of the two options listed below to submit your suggestion:

Committee Members

  • June Aiken
  • Michele Kennedy
  • Dale Lawson
  • Rebecca Moran
  • Austin Sauger