Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships & Awards

Students admitted to a Penn State Altoona Baccalaureate major may wish to consider applying for the Penn State Altoona Majors Scholarship.

Incoming and continuing students are considered for all available Penn State Altoona Scholarships without the need for an application. Eligibility for these scholarships is determined by the Office of Student Aid at Penn State Altoona.

In addition, incoming and upper-class students are also considered for Student Awards and University-wide scholarships.

The Penn State Altoona Isaac Awards Scholarship recognizes the hard work, dedication, and talent of students who participate in their respective high school musical, and the Isaac Awards program. Penn State Altoona will award ten $2500 scholarships to juniors/seniors of Isaac Awards participating high schools. In addition to participating in an Isaac Awards eligible high school, selected scholarship recipients must enroll either the summer or fall semester immediately following high school graduation. Students who have previously received a Penn State Altoona Isaac Awards Scholarship are not eligible to receive a second Penn State Altoona Isaac Awards Scholarship. Questions or concerns regarding the Penn State Altoona Isaac Awards Scholarship can be directed to David Pearlman in the Office of Student Aid at

Certain majors or colleges may require an application, please be certain to review the Penn State Interest & Affiliation scholarships.

All students are encouraged to conduct an Outside Scholarship Search.

Students should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to maximize consideration for student aid.

Questions or concerns regarding scholarships at Penn State Altoona can be forwarded to