Mission and Diversity Statements

Mission and Diversity Statements

Student Diversity and Inclusion Programming Mission Statement

Student Diversity and Inclusion Programming seeks to enhance the academic success and personal development of all Penn State Altoona students. We offer programs and services that support and encourage students from a wide range of backgrounds encompassing race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, and disability, to succeed academically, take advantage of the college's resources, and become involved in campus life. The office promotes campus events that build a sense of community and enhance the well-being of all students.

Penn State Altoona Diversity Mission Statement

Penn State Altoona values and celebrates diversity in all of its forms. The educational environment of our Campus is enriched by the diversity of individuals, groups, and cultures that come together in a spirit of learning.

We value learning in all of its forms — classroom instruction, independent learning, co-curricular learning, faculty research, and study and improvement of our own administrative and academic processes. Learning involves developing an appreciation for people from different backgrounds and who exhibit diverse types of thinking.

At Penn State Altoona we proactively engage faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members to explore and experience various cultures and diverse life experiences that are available on campus and in the community. As a learning community we challenge and support each other to understand how various cultural backgrounds, life experiences, challenges, and orientations affect how we see the world. These interactions afford us the opportunity to broaden our worldview, as well as enhance our sensitivities and appreciation of diversity.

Penn State Altoona is committed to being a leader within the University and our community by fostering an environment where diversity in all of its forms is celebrated, affirmed, and vigorously pursued. It is our intent to create a campus community that affirms the dignity, value, and uniqueness of each person. It is our intent to aggressively pursue the recruitment and retention of a more diverse administration, staff, faculty and student body. Moreover, we want to ensure that the campus climate is welcoming and affirming for all persons.

It is our goal to graduate individuals that understand and appreciate the things we all have in common, as well as those things that make us unique. We strive to instill in them the skills, attitudes, and sensitivities that will be essential for them to be leaders and change agents in a diverse, multicultural world.