The Office of Information Technology at Penn State Altoona limits printing in all computer labs and classrooms.

Printing Limits

Penn State Altoona allots each student with 110 pages of free printing each semester. After reaching the allotment, students can purchase additional pages. Printing on both sides, known as duplex printing, is encouraged to save paper. Whether printing on one or both sides of the paper, page counts only refer to the number of sheets used. The total number of sheets printed per day is limited to about 1000 pages. Color printing counts as 3 pages. Print limiting/charging are in effect in most computer labs/classrooms. There will be no limit on how much printing a student does in either black and white or color.

Printing Prices
Printer Type Paper Size Charge Per Page Counts as X Black and White Pages
All Black and White Printers 8 1/2" x 11" $ 0.05 1
Color Laser (Hawthorn 234) 8 1/2" x 11" $ 0.15 3

Other Details

Students can purchase additional pages online with Lion Cash. Each semester the counter will be reset for the free allotment of 100 pages, but unused pages from a previous semester cannot be carried over. Students can also be credited back pages if an error occurs with the printer that results in them not getting pages that were deducted from their allotment.

Please see User Printing Management for more information.