Network and Telecommunications

Network and Telecommunications

FAAR Request

To gain access to University locations during times when those locations are locked a Facility Access Authorization Request (FAAR) form must be completed.

Dialing Instructions

To call another campus extension

Dial the 4-digit extension. We have 3 different extensions

  • 3xxx
  • 4xxx
  • 5xxx

Note: if you are calling into campus remember extensions 3XXX and 4XXX use the 940 prefix and extension 5xxx use the 949 prefix.

To call a local off-campus number

Dial 8+7 –digit number examples 8, 94x-xxxx

To call a long Distance Number

Within the 814 area code
Dial 8+7-digit number example 8,247-xxxx

Outside the 814 Area Code
Dial 8+1+Area code +7digit number

International Calling
Dial 8+011+country code +city code +number

Calling Card Calls: (to all area codes including 814)
Dial 8+0+area Code+7 –digit number

Campus Directory Assistance: Dial 0

Campus Police Services: Dial 5222

Voice Mail

To leave voice messages for faculty or staff who have been assigned Guest Voice Mailboxes, which are usually 6XXX extensions, callers must dial 814-949-5800 from off campus or 5800 from on campus, listen to the prompts, then key in the intended voice mailbox number (6XXX).

Instructions on voice mail usage

Phone Reference Guides

For instructions on phone usage, please refer to the Quick Reference Guide for your phone model.

Find your Model Number on the tag located on the back of the phone, and use the link below which corresponds to your phone model:

Online Resources

Please refer to the following online resources for more information on phone usage: