Travel and Transportation

Travel and Transportation

Frequently Asked Questions

When traveling on business, which travel expenses can be charged to my purchasing card?
The card can only be used for travel if the cardholder has travel limits on his/her card. All travel which would include airline tickets, railway tickets, hotel lodging, registration fees, meals (both individual and group), rental cars can be charged if you have travel limits. Registration fees cannot include membership fees. Memberships cannot be paid using the purchasing card. Airline tickets or rail tickets may be purchased using the card through the University approved travel agencies through Travel OnLion and through other travel sites as long as the lowest rate is purchased. See Airline Booking Options & Services for guidelines.

Exclusion for using purchasing card for travel: Memberships

Is my credit card receipt sufficient proof of payment for reimbursement?
No, an itemized receipt showing a "0" balance is required. If the hotel does not provide a "0" bill please ask for one otherwise, the travel reimbursement will be held until that is provided.

How do I reserve a fleet vehicle?
A fleet vehicle may be reserved by contacting the Penn State Altoona switchboard at 814-949-5001 or a vehicle may be obtained from Fleet Operations at University Park.

How can I figure the per-diem rates for in-state travel, out of state travel, or out of country travel (O-CONUS)?
All three options can be found at Penn State's Advanced Technology Business System site.

Where can I find the TSN form for international travel?
International travel for University-related business requires you to register in the Travel Safety Network (TSN).

What other expenses can I be reimbursed for?
Travel policies can be found on Penn State's Travel website.

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