Purchasing Card

Purchasing Card

How can I obtain a purchasing card?
Authorization must be requested to the Financial Officer (rsh4@psu.edu) from your budget administrator. Once the request is done, the employee must complete and pass, new cardholder training.

Can memberships be charged on the card?
Memberships require pre-approval from the Chancellor's office and therefore cannot be charged to the card.

Can I use the card for meals?
The card can only be used for individual and group meals if the cardholder has Travel limits on his/her card.

Can the card be used for catering?
Only authorized caterers are permitted. Those caterers are listed on the Office of the Corporate Controller's web site.

Can a gift for a speaker, student, guest, etc. be purchased using the card?
Gifts are not permissible on general funds using any form of payment.

I lost my receipt, what is my next step?
Contact the vendor to request a new receipt. If the vendor cannot provide a new receipt then a "support form for lost or unobtainable receipt" must be issued.

My purchase is higher than my daily and or transaction limit, can I ask the vendor to split my charge in two or more transactions?
No, splitting any transactions is a direct violation of university purchasing policies and procedures and could result in card suspension.

Can a packing list be used in place of a receipt?
Only if the packing list is priced and itemized.

Can I allow another employee to use my purchasing card?
Yes, however that employee must receive your permission and as a reminder, you are the card holder and any unauthorized charges that are against university policy will be your responsibility. As the card holder you must also sign the purchasing card support form.

What steps do I take if I have lost or misplaced my card?
Immediately call PNC bank at, 800-685-4039. Next contact the Finance Office at 814-949-5759.

I purchased something and returned the item and received a credit, do I still need a purchasing support form?
Yes, a purchasing card support form must be filled out for both the charge and credit. Vendors do not always provide a credit slip in which case you will need to contact the vendor for a credit slip.

What is the procedure if sales tax was charged on my purchase?
Contact vendor for a credit on the tax amount. Once credit is issued a purchasing card support form needs done along with the credit receipt.

Frequently used Penn State purchasing card forms

Purchasing card support forms

Support form for lost or unobtainable receipts