Review Committee Guidelines

Review Committee Guidelines

Review Committees

The purpose of a College level of review for promotion and/or tenure is to apply criteria related to the College mission and standards, and to ensure that criteria are applied evenly across Divisions. Thus, the College review will bring broad faculty and administrative judgment to bear and will also monitor general standards of quality and equity of academic unit policies and procedures. It is at the academic unit level that specific expectations and standards are given and evaluated.


Each committee shall consist of six members elected from the Altoona College faculty as follows:

  • one member elected from the Division of Arts and Humanities
  • one member elected from the Division of Business, Engineering, and Information Sciences and Technology
  • one member elected from the Division of Education, Human Development and Social Sciences
  • one member elected from the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • one member elected at-large
  • one senior instructor (to review only applications for senior instructor)


Each division with an open seat will provide at least two candidates for a college-wide election in which the faculty will vote for one person from each division. The candidate in each division receiving the greatest number of votes will be the division representative. A separate election will be conducted for an open at-large seat, for which each division will provide at least one candidate, and the candidate receiving the most votes will be the at-large member. This election should be conducted only after results from any division seat elections have made public. This will allow all potential candidates, including those remaining from division seat elections, to run for the at-large seat. A separate election will be conducted for a senior instructor from the College to review only fixed-term faculty seeking promotion to senior instructor. Each division should provide at least one candidate for this election. All standing faculty members are eligible to vote.

The term of committee membership will be two years. Terms shall be staggered so that half the committee is elected each year. In the first year, half of the terms will be for one year. After each term, members are eligible for re-election.

In the case of ties for division members, the division will be responsible for resolving the tie. Ties for the at-large member and replacements for elected members who become unable to serve will be decided by vote of standing faculty. Should a tie remain after this vote, the Chancellor will select the at-large member or replacement from the remaining candidates.

The Chair of the Faculty Senate shall be responsible for ensuring that the election of these committees is completed by the end of the second week in April.

Each committee will select its own chair.


Any tenured Altoona College faculty member, regardless of locus of tenure, is eligible to serve on the Altoona College Tenure Review Committee.

Any tenured Altoona College faculty member holding the rank of Associate Professor, Associate Librarian, or higher, regardless of locus of tenure, is eligible to serve on the Altoona College Promotion Review Committee. Only those members of higher rank than the candidate shall make recommendations concerning promotion. In cases of a candidate being considered for promotion to Professor or Librarian when there is not a sufficient number of Professors or Librarians to constitute the full 5-member committee, a minimum of three members should be at this rank. The candidate's Division should be represented among these three and, if necessary, a division representative of appropriate rank may be selected from another location jointly by the Division Head and Dean.


The Altoona College Promotion and Tenure Review Committees shall be responsible for conducting the college-level review of faculty whose locus of tenure is in the Altoona College, and the campus-level review of faculty whose locus of tenure is in the academic department and college at University Park.

Approved by the senate 3/19/2013

Approved by the Chancellor 4/2/2013