Cancellation of Students' Schedules Due to Non-Payment

Cancellation of Students' Schedules Due to Non-Payment

Students are classified into two categories – scheduled (have not paid their tuition) or registered (have paid or are participating in the deferred payment plan). This policy focuses on students in scheduled status (SCHED).

Prior to and during the first four weeks of the semester, students in scheduled status are notified through E-mails, postcards (sent to their permanent address), phone calls, and eLion pop-up alerts that their registration is incomplete and they are at risk of having their course schedule cancelled. (Students living in the residence halls will also receive a separate notice.) These notifications encourage students to contact the Bursar’s or Student Aid Office to discuss possible financial aid or payment options.

If these students have not made arrangements for payment by the end of the fourth week of the semester, their semester course schedules will be cancelled the following week. At this time, the students WILL NOT be able to re-add their courses for the current semester. If they plan to return to Penn State Altoona, they would need to file for re-enrollment for a future semester through the Registrar’s Office.

Faculty will be notified when the cancellation is complete and should review their course rosters. Please note: It is a liability to Penn State Altoona to allow a student to remain in classes if they are no longer on the course roster.

Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Student Aid, Bursar or Registrar’s Office.