Campus Directory

Name Email Role Office Location
Allan J. Bassler
Part Time Lecturer, English
Hawthorn Building, 103, 814-949-5258
Todd D. Batzel, Ph.D.
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Force Advanced Technology Center, 202, 814-949-5076
Marsha L. Baumbaugh
Part Time Lecturer, Mathematics
Smith Building, W116, 814-949-5280
Imene Belhassen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Arabic and French
Misciagna Family Center for Performing Arts, 133, 814-949-5201
Katie Belis
Part Time Lecturer, Education
Cypress Building, 107, 814-949-5595
Richard C. Bell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Science Building, 194, 814-949-5172
Robert E. Belsterling
Senior Instructor, Accounting
Senior Instructor, Economics
Senior Instructor, Finance
Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, 202A, 814-949-5611
Ashley Bennett
Part Time Lecturer, Sign Language
Cypress Building, 107, 814-949-5595
Shawn Bernecky
Instructor, Business
Aaron Building, 206, 814-949-5264
Brian C. Black, Ph.D.
Division Head, Arts and Humanities
Distinguished Professor, History
Distinguished Professor, Environmental Studies
Elm Building, 102, 814-949-5244
Christina N. Black
Part Time Lecturer, Music
Hawthorn Building, 103, 814-949-5258
Pamela E. Blackmon, Ph.D.
Associate Professor , Political Science
Smith Building, 129G, 814-940-3314
Andrea R. Boito
Senior Instructor, Mathematics
Smith Building, W115A, 814-949-5109
David Bolt
Part Time Lecturer, Engineering
Hawthorn Building, 103, 814-949-5258
Donna Bon
Senior Instructor, Entrepreneurship
Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, 202 , 814-949-5294
Mark A. Bonta, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Earth Science
Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies
Hawthorn Building, 109, 814-949-5510
Cindy Bowman, MSN, RN, CNE
Instructor, Nursing
Sheetz Family Health Center, 114, 814-949-5801
Scott S. Brenneman
Part Time Lecturer, Security and Risk Analysis
Science Building, 107, 814-949-5170
Craig Brennecke
Instructor, Engineering
Force Advanced Technology Center, 205, 814-949-5266
Christopher P. Brown
Part Time Lecturer, English
Hawthorn Building, 203, 814-949-5770